I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Early in my life, I realized that art had a special meaning for me. I would always find myself attempting to draw renditions of portraits of  celebrities. As a young child, the other thing that fascinated me was my grandfather’s Polaroid camera. My grandfather would always take pictures of my family whenever he visited with us. I was always fascinated by the camera’s ability to produce instant images. Later, in my twenties, I would buy a Polaroid camera of my own. I began to do portrait images with it at dances and parties as a way to make money. As a result of this exper- ience I began doing weddings and special event photography for many of my friends. As a teenager I was also fascinated with moving pictures. My mother, to give herself a reprieve from my brother and I,  sent us to the neighborhood movie house on Saturdays.  This was a total treat for me. I was always spell bounded by how film helped you as an audience member enter into a different world or locale. Eventually, I began taking photography classes at Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). While taking classes there I took a class on filmmaking. After creating a short experimental film, I was hooked on filmmaking. Despite holding down a full time job I eventually made a few more films. My film genres have ranged from experimental, biographical to advertisement. I have made films for the African American Museum in Philadelphia (AAMP), the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC), the Philadelphia artist, James Dupree and I was the lead editor and cinematographer for a Scribe “Precious Place” film entitled, “Engine 11: A journey of Discovery and Segregation”, which has aired on PBS. In 2011, I created a film on the legendary pianist, Trudy Pitts entitled, “ Trudy Pitts: In her own Words and Language!” .  In 2012, I completed another film on jazz entitled, “On Bass in Philadelphia”. In 2013, my film entitled ” The Arkestra “ was screened as part of Scribe’s Street Movies series. My latest film, entitled ” The Thinker “ was screened at Scribe Video Center as part of their 2014 Storyville series.  My multi-part feature length documentary entitled, “A Historical Approach to the Positive Music: Jazz in Philadelphia! “, was awarded the silver trophy for best documentary at the 2014 Philafilm film festival. My short film,” On Beauty”  was featured on the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s website announcing their upcoming 2015 Philadelphia Flower show.

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